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A lot of people talk about it...
Some claim it... Some dream of it...
Others announce big projects...
We read and hear many things that are false.

This tower from the Middle Ages feeds ambitions and tales... Ancient history and legends coexist: Hannibal's elephant, underground tunnel and many others ...

The Quiot family has always remained discreet on the Tour de Lhers. But faced with fake informations or attempts of media appropriation, leaving aside the imagination, here are some certainties:


·         Since 1793, the Tour de Lhers is owned by the Famille QUIOT.

·         Since 1973, the Tour de Lhers is protected   : Monuments Historiques

·         Despite this, many degradations and incivilities have taken place around and inside the tower (destruction, engraving, obscene tags, squat ...) which has lead to prohibit the access and to close the premises.

·         In the 90s, the first phase of restoration started.

·         Even though the Famille Quiot is historically wine producer, there are no vines around the Tour de Lhers - therefore no one can claim any link with the Tour de Lhers.


Jérôme Quiot, passionate about History since always, had big plans for our Tower. Surrounded by historians and expert, studies have started in 2014. In summer 2018, a project came out, approved by the national administration. Unfortunately, the Chateauneuf du Pape's major has rejected this demand, because of Jérôme Quiot's death in décember 2018.

Despite this, Geneviève's wish was to continue   the project started by Jérôme; her late husband. The entire file was identically redeposited in 2019, again supported by Monument Historique. The City Council had no reason to be opposed to this project and ended up validating the program, as already filed more than a year before.


Due to community conflict, preservation, excavation and restoration works could start in early 2020, but with more than a year behind schedule.

  A huge crane works daily for phase 1 of the project, which consists of research carried out by a professional archaeologist / historian.

This first phase will theoretically end in May 2020.


For obvious reasons of security and preservation of the place and its vestiges, access to the site remains private and prohibited to visitors.


Please respect the fences and do not go near the Tour de Lhers. It is magnificent from the dikes and retains all its mystery.

Depending on the progress, the results of the work and the interest shown by the public, the QUIOT Family will communicate a follow-up periodically.


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