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WINE&SPIRITS (february 2012) (USA + Canada)


Côtes du Rhône Blanc
Château du Trignon Roussanne 2010 arrived in 2nd position (90 points)
       A wine that is detailed and prcise. It tastes of honneycomb with clover honey, herbes and hay, a lemon-pith acidity running throught it that keeps the finish savory and lasting.

Famille Quiot - ALWENN 2007 arrived in 1st position (92 points)
       The selection famille Quiot made for this reserve bottling is dense, extracted, the plum fruit taking on a roasted edge with a vanillin sweetness. It's flashy, but as the tannins kick in, they draw out the savory side of the wine, stony and firm.

Famille Quiot - NOLANDRA 2007 arrived in 1st position (95 points)
This is a special cuvée made only in 2007, a total of 4 000 bottles blended from the domaine's top vats. A regal red with scents of leather, roses and dried fruit, it tastes of cherries and dried herbs underlined with stone. What sets it apart is the acidity, a buzzing energy that travels through the wine from sent through to the memonry of its finish, a promise of a long life ahead.

Domaine du VieuxLazaret Cuvée Exceptionnelle 2007
arrived in 4th position (93 points)
A single vat's worth of wine culled from the cellar's best lots, this is silky and sophisticated. There's a wild meantiness to the back raspberry and cherry flavors that contrasts its vanilla gloss, and an herbal acidity that keeps it shapely and firm.
Famille Quiot, le 04/04/2012 dans Presse;

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